Abstract Landscapes

Pop art abstract landscape painting.

Using local monuments to speak of paths travelled, memory and time.

Abstract art inspired by ancient monuments.

 I’m interested in alignments of manmade monuments in our landscape. Ancient burial mounds, naval monuments, war memorials, churches. Human intervention in the landscape to mark something that was important to the people who built them. I want to celebrate the connections between monuments from different times across the landscape that we walk in the present. 

They line up because we all want to use the landscape in the same way. I’m interested in these alignments because they are manmade and intentional. At a time in my life when I see memorials to people everywhere in my mind, the human act of using the landscape in this way resonates with me. In my work I use these monuments as a way of talking about my own experience of walking through the landscape and remembering people and things past. I’ve developed a visual language for describing them. I’ll often show a burial mound as a black void in the landscape surrounded by white chalk. I simplify shapes, field patterns, ridges and valleys so they become symbolic, so that all you see is the play of manmade objects across space.

 Then I add some of my own monuments, to times and people that I can no longer see. A walk through the landscape triggers vivid memories and impressions. A flash, a powerful experience that connects you to somebody on that spot. Not a bad feeling, something very real. I’ll put in other concentric circle monuments, or brightly coloured spots to signify that fleeting moment of memory. I use bright modern colours for these because I’m not talking about the ancient past, I’m talking about my very modern experience of walking by and relating to it.